Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Mayday~

happy Mayday to every1 i love...
seems like every1 is preparing for the final,
busy busy hor??
My final is coming soon,
i shld study, so i left my laptop in melaka,
tis makes me cannot type in chinese.
Sorry, guys n gals.

Enjoy ur 31 Mayday,
it shld b full of happiness and without sadness.
No matter wat,
plz remember we r supportin u!!

Lastly, plz dun forget to get a Baskin Robin on 31st.
it is great if u can treat me lar...

Haf a nice Mayday~~

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敏敏~~ said...

haha, i will be the 1st u need to treat to~~
dear baskin robbin,i am waiting for u~
erm,all the best in ur exam~
and wishing u hav a wonderful may day~haha~

isaac@yong said...


happyluv said...

min min,
u r the 1 who nid to treat me ler..
u nid to buy sum souvenir for me yay..

ya..May May~~ MayDay yo~~

Unknown said...

f day!!!


happyluv said...

stupid mk,
if u really dun wan to reply the post, can u plz dun write any stupid word on it??

YOGHURT said...

果然是忠實fans =)

五月 23號萬歲 :P

happyluv said...

i wrote this post is not bcoz of Mayday, it's jus simply bcoz now is Mayday..get it? wakaka~