Wednesday, October 1, 2008

給 大學生

Malaysia semua babi,
our government is so lousy,
make the college becomes no quality, 
Chinese and Indian pun tak boleh masuk university.
It never had a choice for me,
because no money cannot study at oversea, 
so I always feel i'm so pity.

Every college are greedy,
sini sana all need money, 
their pocket kosong our perut noisy,
I am poor because there sucks my money.

Exam question full of difficulty,
it has 
one reason only,
which is to earn more money,
because we retake money masuk lagi.
The staffs always no aksi,
they did wrong never say sorry,
before asking please show your money,
otherwise they wont be happy,
we pay their salary still make us angry.
that's why i wanna study hard to earn more and more money 

Tiap-Tiap hari feel so lazy,
never try to wake up early, 
always hope college sekarang cuti,
everyday go to class feel so sleepy,
lecturer always scold me lazy.
do assignment just like to copy,
before the final just feel worry, 
every nite study until crazy,
because scared scold by mummy.

Why my class always no pretty,
those elephant always show me how she's sexy,
the monster wanna treat me nicely,
like that i better mati.

my looking is **** ugly,
saya mari girl girl lari, 
everyday date them they only say busy,
semua orang tak ada hati,
make me always so lonely,
only can watch porno movie.

CS always let people bully, 
maybe i am really so lousy,
althought knife people is so happy, 
but i am always unlucky,
kena headshot easily,
after mati still mati.

This is just a small story,
typed it simply,
feel funny and happy, 
actually i am not lonely,
because I have many friends around me. 

forward email來的 ==
我會被 ISA 抓嗎?
會的話跟我講一聲  因為我怕死 :P

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